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About The Company

Who are we?

Pyrebug Studios is a group of passionate individuals coming together to create unique and fun games. We're working on several exciting projects; each of which plays a different role in the developemnt of our team and our company. Continue reading to learn more.

About The Team

Who makes up our team?

Pyrebug Studios is made up of a diverse and skilled group of designers, artists, programmers, and composers. Together, we work toward a common goal of creating games we love - and hope you'll love. Our dream is to build a company where each member is value for their contributions, has the ability to create games they love, and is treated fairly in their work environment.

Our Team

Josh Hirshfield

CEO and Founder

Alex Williams


Chris Janocha

Designer and Programmer

Devin Quinn

Designer and Programmer

Austin Cappetta


Malcolm Braren


Meaghan Doherty

Concept Artist

Kenny Wei


Cadence Hira


Mackenzie Fox

Artist and Designer

Jake Tomassi

Writer and Designer

Matt Hsing

Voice Actor

Matthew Tomaszewski

Programmer and Designer

Ben Guzik

Designer and Programmer

Wesley McFadden


Sean Mathieu


Sam Berkowitz


Come Join The Party!

Our Games


Aether is a side-scrolling shooter inspired by titles such as Megaman and Metroid. It utilizes line of sight shadow mechanics to keep the player on their toes. This, coupled with detailed map design, allowed us to create a powerful experience in which simple situations become far more intuitive and fun.